infusion services

Infusion Center ensures the utmost comfort and care of patients undergoing IV infusions. IV infusion involves a registered nurse administering medications intravenously in a physician supervised setting. We provide a comfortable and relaxed setting, avoiding long hospital stays. We strive to provide a stress free environment to all our patients. We give over 1000 patient infusions per year. Our patients enjoy watching movies on our large screen TV or accessing our free Wi-Fi while reclining in our comfortable infusion chairs during treatment.

small joint MRI

GE-Magnevu Applause is specifically developed to image the small superficial joints of the hands, wrists and forefeet to detect erosive changes with much higher sensitivity than plain films. It is ideal for early detection of erosive damage motivating more aggressive therapeutic choices and for the monitoring of known erosive disease and response to therapy. Because of its higher resolution it is more sensitive to progression providing earlier warning of treatment failure. Imaging is comfortable and convenient. Patients are able to read or watch movies while reclining during the scan. Scanning time is approximately 30 min.

Images are stored digitally and may be sent to ordering physicians on CD or via e-mail (coming soon!) and read by a highly experienced bone and joint radiologist.


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